Q: How long does it take to be approved? A: Typically, a center can be approved within 30 days. Q: Is there special training required? A: New centers are required to attend “Record-Keeping” and “Meal Service” training. Q: What is the minimum enrollment required to begin application process? A: Centers must have a minimum of 15 - 20 children enrolled before beginning the application process. Q: How is my reimbursement rate determined? A: The USDA establishes reimbursement rates annually effective July 1st.  A center’s individual blended reimbursement rate is determined by enrollment and number of meals served. Q: How do I get paid? A: Reimbursements are paid by direct deposit. Q: What meals do I get paid for? A: Centers may claim up to 2 meals and 1 snack OR 2 snacks and 1 meal per child, per day. Q: Does CCFP provide the food? A: No.  Centers provide the meals and CCFP reimburses centers for meals served. Q: Can I use my own menus? A: CCFP provides centers with standard menus however, if a center has food prep limitations, custom menus can be developed. Q: If I do not have a kitchen, can I still participate in CCFP? A: Yes.  Your meals will need to be catered. CCFP will conduct the competitive bid process for you. Q: If I am currently being catered, can I keep the same caterer? A: Only caterers registered with DOH, Bureau of Child Nutrition Programs are allowed to provide meals to centers participating in CCFP. Q: I only provide a morning snack and afternoon snack.  Would I still qualify to participate? A: Yes.  Centers may claim up to 2 meals and 1 snack OR 2 snacks and 1 meal per child, per day. Q: I have infants enrolled in my center.  Will I get reimbursed for infant meals? A: Yes.  Centers are reimbursed for meals served to ALL children (including infants) from birth through 12 years. Q: I am a non-profit center.  Do I qualify for participation in CCFP? A: Yes. Q: How long has Cornerstone been a CCFP sponsor? A: Cornerstone has sponsored centers in the CCFP program since 2001.