Board of Directors

Curtis Parry Jr.


Ephraim Livingston

Vice President & Development Committee Chair

Skip Henk


Pam Hansen
Steve Beaty
Clarke Campbell-Evans
Gloria Emerson
Cindy Sisco


Shari Gillis

Leadership Staff

Cathy Stone

Executive Director

Jeanette Hordge-Smith

Director of Community Engagement & Outreach

Sarah Ellis

Director of Finance and Administration ​

Vanessa Mitchell

Director of Children Services at Rosa Valdez Early Learning Center & Lab School

Booker Perry

CCFP Program Manager

Jennifer Heartcastle

Nutrition & Community Garden Manager

Program Committee

Development Committee

Governance Committee

Operations Committee

Get Involved!

Our committee members play a vital role in supporting and developing new initiatives, programs and outreach efforts.

Over the past 125+ years, Cornerstone Family Ministries has relied on the support our dedicated committee member volunteers. These individuals donate their time, resources and ideas to ensure Cornerstone stands at the forefront of providing enriching educational experiences and community support.

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