Services and Responsibilities CFM CCFP Sponsor  • Provide technical assistance and training on nutrition, food service operations, program management and record keeping. • Review and monitor program services to ensure good nutrition for all eligible enrolled participants. • Determine the proper eligibility of enrolled children and maintain the centers enrollment roster in a confidential way. • Distribute to the centers all necessary record keeping forms. Collect monthly, all necessary program records for claiming CCFP meal reimbursement. • Process monthly claims for sponsored centers. Distribute payments to the center within 5 working days of receipt of monthly reimbursements from the Department of Health. Child Care Center • Prepare and serve age specific meals that meet the meal pattern requirements, or serve meals that are received from an approved caterer. Provide all enrolled children the same meal at no separate cost to the parent. Florida Department of Health • Provide the funding for reimbursement of meals served, determined by the number of eligible enrolled participants and the reimbursement rates set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.